How to Use a Stump Grinder to Improve Your Yard

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If you’ve had a tree fall down or had one removed from your yard, you still need to get rid of the stump. Not only are tree stumps unsightly blemishes on your beautiful landscape, but they can also continue to cause problems even after the trunk and branches of the tree are gone. Trees are incredibly resilient, and if any part of its trunk remains, it can continue to grow. Fortunately, we at Eagle Rentals have the right equipment to help you get rid of them and get your yard to an unblemished state. In this article, we’ll go over how to use a stump grinder to remove these stubborn remnants.

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  • Clear the Area– First, clear the area around the stump of any stones or debris. A stump grinder is only designed to grind wood, and trying to make it grind rocks or other hard objects will just damage it.
  • Expose the Roots- The surface roots of a tree can run for several feet around the base of the trunk. If you want to really clear your yard, we recommend grinding these roots along with the stump. Before powering up the stump grinder, expose as many of these roots as possible in the desire radius by clearing away the soil.
  • Start Grinding– Once the area is prepared, put on your safety goggles and earplugs, position the stump grinder directly above the stump, and turn it on. Lower the grinder’s wheel until it touches the surface, and then let the blades chew up the wood. After the stump has been demolished, start grinding the exposed roots of the tree until everything is sufficiently cleared.

We at Eagle Rentals hope that this information helps you get rid of any unsightly stumps in your yard. If you have further questions about stump grinders, simply reach out to our team.