Air Tools, Compressors & Nailers, Statesville NC

At Eagle Rentals in Statesville, North Carolina, we offer a large selection of air tools, compressors & nailers available to rent at a highly affordable price.

Air Tools, Compressors & Nailer Rental Equipment – Oftentimes, there are home improvement projects where you have the skills necessary to complete the job, but lack the equipment. Renting can be a great alternative option to purchasing expensive equipment. At Eagle Rentals in Statesville and Mooresville, North Carolina, we have been renting air tools, compressors and nailers to satisfied customers since 1995. We are a locally owned and operated company, and we love supplying our community with the tools they need to complete their home improvement projects quickly. Our staff would be happy to show you how to operate our air tools, compressors and nailers, so you can get on your way to completing your project in record time. Stop by one of our two locations today!


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Eagle Rentals offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable air tools, compressors & nailer rental equipment in Statesville, Troutman and Mooresville, North Carolina!

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