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Affordable and high-quality rental equipment & rental tools, every time, with Eagle Rentals in Statesville & Troutman NC!

Rental Equipment & Pricing – If you are thinking of doing some kind of home improvement project, large or small, chances are that you are going to need some tools and equipment—and the requirements may go way beyond what you can dig out of the old tool bench in your shed or garage. You could head to the hardware store and buy the tools and equipment you need, or you could hire a professional to do all of the work for you, but those are both pretty expensive options.

Instead, why not get some rental equipment from Eagle Rentals in Statesville and Troutman, North Carolina? It’s a much more affordable option to buying a large piece of equipment you will likely never use again or paying a steep hourly rate to a professional. We can rent you just about any tool or machine for construction, landscaping, and many other home improvement jobs. Our rental equipment inventory includes backhoes, trenchers, manlifts, forklifts, stump grinders, skid steers, excavators, aerators, welding equipment, generators, heaters, pressure washers, masonry equipment, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, scissor lifts, lighting, tile saws, and much more.

Browse our available rental equipment using the menu to the right, or by clicking the categories above. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you have!

At Eagle Rentals, we offer affordable rental equipment to residents of Statesville, Mocksville, Troutman, Denver and Mooresville, North Carolina.