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At Eagle Rentals in Statesville, North Carolina, we offer a wide variety of quality compaction equipment, including rental tampers.

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Plate Tamp, gas

Tampers Reversible Plate Diesel, 910 lbs

Jumping tamp

Compaction, Tampers, Any builder will tell you the importance of a firm foundation. Compacting soil gives it the ability to hold more weight. If you are looking to install a sidewalk, path, or driveway, our compaction equipment will give you the smooth ground you’ll need to place your building materials on a level surface. At Eagle Rentals, we have many different sizes and types of compactors to fit your needs, including tampers. Stop by one of our locations in Statesville or Troutman, North Carolina and let us help you decide which one of our high-quality machines will be right for your project.

At Eagle Rentals, we offer affordable tamper rentals to residents of StatesvilleDenverMocksville, Troutman and Mooresville, North Carolina.