Why You Need a Stump Grinder for Tree Removal

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Why You Need a Stump Grinder for Tree Removal Here at Eagle Rentals, our goal is to provide the high-quality equipment rentals you need to complete any home improvement project. One of the many types of equipment we offer is stump grinders, which are used after tree removal to prevent the tree’s roots from continuing to grow. In this article, we’ll go over a few reasons why you need to use a stump grinder to complete the tree removal process.

•  Stump Grinders Prevent Stumps from Growing Back. As we mentioned above, many tree species can continue to grow even after their trunks are cut down, putting out new shoots and extending their roots underground. In the past, there was even a method of tree farming that encouraged this process, as the new shoots grew tall and straight, which made them useful for a variety of purposes. However, letting a stump keep growing is likely to cause problems for modern homeowners, such as letting the roots damage underground pipes, so we recommend using a stump grinder to prevent this from happening.

•  Stump Grinders Make More Room. Another reason to use stump grinders to get rid of stumps completely after the tree is removed is that it gets the stump out of the way and frees up valuable space in your yard. If you are tired of having to navigate around the stump when mowing your lawn, simply give us a call to rent a stump grinder.

•  Stump Grinders Keep Insects Away. A third reason to grind tree stumps away is that this prevents the stump from attracting insects and other pests to your yard. As the stump decays, many insects will be attracted to it as a habitat, including pests like termites that can damage your property. By grinding your stumps to mulch, you help discourage insects from taking up residence in your yard.