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Use a Stump GrinderSome homeowners love doing something for themselves instead of hiring someone to do it. So when a tree becomes diseased or damaged in a storm, they often grab an ax or chain saw and take the tree down themselves. The only problem with doing that is they are left with an ugly stump that can be very difficult to remove by hand. Some decide the best way to deal with it is to use some manner of concealment or decoration, but let’s face it– a decorated tree stump is still ugly. The only real way to get your landscape to look right is to remove it, and the best way to do that is with a stump grinder.

Buying a stump grinder to remove one stump is hardly an economical solution, so unless you have dozens of tree stumps to remove on a regular basis, the better solution is renting a stump grinder. A manual sweep stump grinder rents for around $130 per day. Another option is a self-propelled track drive auto sweep stump grinder, which generally rents for about $220 per day. Neither of these will break the bank and just might be less expensive than the materials to try to conceal the tree stump.

Besides being ugly, a tree stump that isn’t removed can result in other problems. For one thing, it can begin to decay and attract insects. It can also begin growing again, resulting in not just an ugly tree stump, but gangly looking tree sprouts as well. A few hours with a stump grinder is the only way to eliminate the problem once and for all.


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