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Pressure Washers Make Quick Work of Mundane TasksPressure washers are rated based on two specifications. One is the PSI, which stands for pounds per square inch. The second specification is the GPM, which stands for gallons per minute. Pressure washers that are sold for residential use are generally under 1900 PSI and operate at up to 1.5 GPM. They are fine for light duties, such as car washing, cleaning outdoor furniture and washing shutters. Since this level of pressure washer is generally inexpensive and the tasks they can handle are done regularly, it isn’t a bad idea to own one of these units.

On the other hand, there are tasks that are done less often, such as pressure washing the house, driveway, patio, and deck. These tasks are going to go much faster and have better results with pressure washers that have 2500 PSI or higher and use at least 3 GPM. Good-quality professional pressure washers can run over $1,000 to purchase, which is quite a bit to spend for something that is only used perhaps once per year. A great solution is to put all the tasks together in one day and rent a professional pressure washer. It generally costs less than $75 for the day, which not only represents considerable savings, but also saves room in the utility shed or garage that can be used for tools and equipment that are used more regularly.

Because professional pressure washers have both a higher PSI and GPM rating, they can not only handle tougher jobs, but will also work more quickly. A little planning can get a great deal done in one day rather than taking several days with a lower-rated machine that might not even get the job done.  Saving time and money sounds like a winning combination!

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