Pressure Washers 101

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Our team at Eagle Rentals understands that you care about your home and that you want to keep it looking its best, which is why we offer pressure washer rentals to help you keep it clean. Of course, pressure washers need to be used with care in order to achieve the results you are looking for, so our team has put together this article to go over the basics of how to use these machines.

Pressure Washers 101

•  Preparation. Before you use pressure washers, you should take the time to prepare the area. Remove potted plants and other items to protect them from the powerful water jets and lay down tarps over any plants in the ground or other landscaping elements you don’t want to get hit with the water. In addition, note the location of any windows, vents, or other openings into your home, so you can make sure not to aim the spray at these structures. You should also sweep the target area to remove as much loose dirt as possible and to get rid of any rocks that could become projectiles under the force of the water.

•  Setup. Once your site is prepared, you can go ahead and set up your pressure washers. Choose and attach the right nozzle for your project’s needs, then connect the sprayer to the garden hose. Turn on the water, then test the spray a few times, adjusting it to the ideal pressure level for your project.

•  Pressure Washing. When using pressure washers, you should clean in a grid pattern. Go all the way down one side of your target surface, then move the sprayer up or down until it covers the next “stripe” and reverse direction—this makes for the most even cleaning. In addition, we recommend that you keep the sprayer head about 4 inches away from the surface to get the best coverage.