Refinish Your Floors Like a Pro with Our Flooring Equipment

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Refinish Your Floors Like a Pro with Our Flooring EquipmentHardwood floors are a beautiful, desirable feature in almost any home. However, over time they can become scratched or in need of major repair. If you have hardwood floors in your home that look less than their best, you can refinish your hardwood floors like a pro with the help of our flooring equipment here at Eagle Rentals.

  • To start, you may find that a good buffing may take care of the scratches. To properly buff your floors, you’ll need our 17” floor polisher, sandpaper, a vacuum to get rid of the dust, and a water-based polyurethane to coat on the floor after you’re done buffing.
  • For more significant scratches, you’ll need a floor sander, like our drum type floor sander. Before sanding, you’ll want to temporarily remove the shoe base molding, then nail down any loose boards. Next, use the sander to work with the grain in three to four-foot lengths at a time, then overlap your rows with about 1/3 of the length of the belt. You’ll want to start with the coarsest fine paper, about 40 grit, then progress to a 60, and finally 80 or 100 grit paper, sweeping the floor between each grit. When this process is done, sweep the floors again.
  • Next, you’ll go over corners, edges and small areas with our floor sander edger, followed by the buffing process described in step one to level any unevenness or remove any scratches from the sander.
  • Finish up with the stain of your preference and a polyurethane finish, and you will be left with beautiful hardwood floors.

For all of the flooring equipment you need to refinish your floors, come to us at Eagle Rentals. Our flooring equipment is always in great condition and ready to get the job done.