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Flooring EquipmentHardwood floors are so beautiful and durable. They are becoming more common in homes for these reasons and because they are easier to keep clean and free of allergen buildup. Although hardwood floors are better to work with than carpet, they still require some tender love and care. A great way to revamp the look of your home is to stain your hardwood floors.

Although wood floors are traditional and therefore do not go out of style, different tones tend to be more popular than others during different eras. The easy thing about wood floors is that all you have to do is stain them, and you can be right on-trend with whatever is in style. The important thing is that you rent or buy the right flooring equipment for this job.

Here is a basic list of the flooring equipment you need to stain hardwood floors:

  • Pry bar to remove baseboards
  • Large floor sander to run across all of the wood flooring
  • Handheld sander or a floor edger to do the tight spots at the edge of the flooring or in corners
  • Shop vacuum to clean up all the dust
  • Rags to clean the floor and wipe away excess stain
  • Wood stain (make sure you choose something you’ll love– test a small area first to make sure it has the end look you’re going for)
  • Applicators for both the stain and the varnish
  • Varnish for the topcoat, to be applied on top of the stain once it has thoroughly dried

As you work on this project you’ll find that it is not complicated or hard, especially if you have the right flooring equipment.