Landscaping Tasks You Can Do
with Backhoes

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Our team at Eagle Rentals offers a variety of tools and equipment to help you tackle projects of any size. One type of equipment we can supply you with is backhoes, which can be used to perform many different tasks. In this article, we’ll go over a few different landscaping projects that you can do with backhoes to help you start thinking about the possibilities.

Landscaping Tasks You Can Do with Backhoes

  • Moving Dirt- Backhoes are a type of earth mover, which, no surprise, means they are great for moving large quantities of dirt. If you are trying to push topsoil into place or dig a hollow for a pond or water feature, using a backhoe will let you do the job in much less time and with much less work than it would take to accomplish with shovels and wheelbarrows.
  • Breaking Pavement- Another thing you can use backhoes for is to break up old pavement, such as an old driveway or concrete path that you want to replace with something else. To do this, you can use a hammer attachment to pummel the concrete into pieces, then scoop them up and remove them with the backhoe’s bucket scoop.
  • Compact Soil- Other attachments you can use with backhoes are trampers and compactors, which make it much easier to flatten soil once you’ve moved it to its new location. These attachments are designed to pound dirt flat, turning it from a loose pile into a solid, dense, compact layer that makes a strong base on which to place other things, like a new patio.