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BackhoesBackhoes offer a number of benefits that can simplify and speed the job you might need one for. Because backhoes are generally smaller than other construction equipment, they may be the only tool you need on many landscaping, demolition, maintenance, or construction jobs. Key to best use of the backhoe is understanding the uses of the various tools usually contained as part of the machine.

The space in front of the backhoe is usually a shovel-bucket for moving earth. The smaller size of the backhoe allows it to often take the place of a dedicated bulldozer in this arena. The rear-mounted excavator allows the backhoe to dig a trench or remove a large volume of earth for many different purposes, and in doing so, take the place of a dedicated excavator machine. Because of this versatility, most small to medium jobs may only need a backhoe in order to effectively be completed.

New backhoes can cost as much as $100,000, depending on the size, model, and options available. For one-off or limited-time engagements, it usually makes far more sense to rent one of these machines.

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