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Gardening Equipment: What Is Needed Each SeasonRegardless of the climate in which you live, there are always gardening tasks to be completed each season. Furthermore, it takes quite a few different pieces of gardening equipment to complete those tasks. While those that are used throughout the year may be good options to purchase, others are either used infrequently or take up far too much space in the gardening shed in the off-season to be a wise purchase. These gardening equipment items are best obtained on a rental basis each season.

  • Spring – Now is the time to begin planting the garden, and that often can mean removing the high weeds that have appeared. The ideal gardening equipment for this task is a high weed mower. Once that has been accomplished, the next task is tilling the garden spot. Either a front tine or rear tine tiller will make quick work of this task.
  • Summer/Fall – Depending on the size of the garden, it will likely need more tilling throughout the summer and fall. A tractor with a trailer can be useful during the harvesting.
  • Winter – The beginning of winter is an excellent time to get the garden plot set up for spring planting. It is also a great time to plan a new garden plot and get the soil prepared. This job can be monumental with smaller gardening equipment. Renting a compact loader or a tractor with a loader will make moving around earth a much easier task. A high-powered tiller can also be helpful at this time. Another thing to consider is how the garden plot will be protected from animals. Many gardeners like to put fencing around their garden plot. Renting an auger for digging the holes for the fence posts will make this job much easier.

Renting gardening equipment is a great way to save money and space. Most items can be rented for whatever period of time is needed, whether that is a half day or the entire season. Delivery and pick up is available, as well.

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