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Tile SawsA tile backsplash is a relatively simple DIY project that can revitalize your bath or kitchen. It can also increase the potential market value of your home, and make the space better suited for your needs. Tile saws are used to trim or cut tiles for the areas that don’t fit precisely into the area.

A few suggestions when using a tile saw for your project:

  • As in all cutting projects, score the material to be cut on an area that won’t show in the final product.
  • Measure twice and cut once.
  • Have extra tiles of the same lot on hand, either for the inevitable ‘oops’ during construction or to keep on hand for if a tile cracks later on. If you have different lots, mix the tiles during installation in order to obscure any minor color variations.
  • Make sure any outlets in the area have their covers taken off before tiling; the cover, when re-installed, should cover the tile edges.

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