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AeratorsAerators are an important tool to landscapers, both professional and amateur. The ability to help your landscaping get more air is essential to healthy growth. Proper aeration of the soil also helps nutrients and water to be evenly and properly distributed, aiding your lawn and other plants to grow healthier, larger, and faster. There are several different types of aerators, varying in size and complexity.

First, there are manual aerators, either resembling a rake, a pair of strap-on cleats, or another similar garden tool. These are best for smaller areas not in dire need of aeration, as they are usually somewhat less effective than their heavier-duty counterparts.

Second are towable aerators, which are often connected to a tractor or other vehicle producing at least 20 HP. These can vary in width according to your needs and the needs of the property you’re aerating and can come in either tined or core plug versions, depending on the model.

The third common type of aerators for residential or commercial use is the self-driven models. These resemble a lawn mower or snow blower and place the tines or core plug underneath for most effective function.

Core plug aerators actually remove a small plug of soil, rather than poking into the soil with a tine. By removing a small portion of soil, the level of oxygen, water, and nutrient distribution and penetration is improved and can help your soil grow healthier or prepare soil for planting and seeding.