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AeratorsLately your lawn has not been looking too good. It has paths worn away from constant use, and watering problems are beginning to be a frustration. The water either puddles, runs off quickly, or can’t seem to reach the roots. If you’re ready to rejuvenate your lawn, aerators are just the thing. Aerators are designed to break through the top layer of thatch, improving water and nutrient absorption and allowing the roots to breathe.

How to rejuvenate your lawn with aerators:

  1. Water your lawn thoroughly approximately 3 days prior to aeration. This will loosen the soil but allow it to drain before the heavy aerators are used. Mow your lawn down to half its normal height. This will make it easier to aerate.
  2. Choose your aerator. The best aerators are those that actually remove a small plug of soil rather than punching a hole in the soil and pushing it down farther. This will allow the aeration to be effective.
  3. You want the aerator to pull out cores 3 inches long, so be sure to check the setting. Start on one side of your lawn and go straight across the lawn. Then repeat the same process in the opposite direction (so an East-West pass followed by a North-South pass). This should give you a consistent 3 to 4 inch spacing between holes.
  4. Once you have finished aerating your lawn, water it again. This helps to break up the plugs.   To further break up the plugs, go over your lawn with a rake.

At Eagle Rentals, we have a number of aerators you can choose from. Let us help you to have a healthier lawn this summer.