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Rentals [infographic]

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The rewarding feeling that you get when you finish a DIY project at your home makes every aching muscle worth it. However, unlike getting a workout at the gym, the “no pain, no gain” philosophy really doesn’t work when it comes to tackling home renovations or repairs. If you work smart, not hard, you’ll be able to get more done and move closer to having the home you’ve been dreaming about. At Eagle Rentals, we can help you work smarter with a variety of machine rentals and advice from our experts. Here are a few machine rentals that can make a difference.

Work Smart, Not Hard with Machine Rentals [infographic]

  • Pneumatic jackhammer– Many projects begin with demolition, and there are few things more backbreaking and disheartening than trying to break up a concrete pad or work around rock when digging a trench. A pneumatic jackhammer can make quick work of it.
  • Tile saw– Installing a tile floor or walls will go much more smoothly with a tile saw and stand, not to mention that you’ll waste fewer materials.
  • Light tower– Need to work past dark to get your DIY project done on time? That’s no problem with a tow-behind, diesel-powered light tower with four 1,000-watt bulbs. It will be like daylight!
  • Scaffolding– It isn’t just about making your tasks easier, but also safer. Ditch the ladders and go with scaffolding instead.
  • Excavator– If you need a lot of dirt moved, using a shovel and a wheelbarrow isn’t going to cut it. Excavators come in many different sizes to accommodate almost every project.
  • Panel lift– It can really wear you out to install plywood or drywall sheets, but with a panel lift, it will go more smoothly and spare your aching back.
  • Pressure washer– Painting the exterior of your home and having it come out great requires a bit of prep work. If you pressure wash the surface, your new paint will adhere properly, saving you from having to repaint way too soon.