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Wood Chipper RentalsA chipper is a great tool that can reduce large pieces of wood, such as branches or tree trunks, into small pieces. Wood chips are very useful in gardens, around swing sets, or in areas that you want softer ground than concrete. Since chippers are portable, it is easy to rent them and bring them to your property to do the job you want to do. Instead of spending a few hundred or even thousand dollars on a chipper, check out the chipper rentals that we carry at Eagle Rentals in Statesville & Troutman, NC.

Chippers have an internal engine that ranges in horsepower, so you can look at options that can handle the load you have to grind. The blades are on the flywheel, so use caution when operating a chipper. They are extremely sharp and can be dangerous if you don’t handle them correctly. There are some safety components in the chipper, which slowly move the wood towards the blades and can be reversed if something accidentally gets stuck on the machine.

Another great option for using wood chips is to put them on a walking path. This provides a more cushioned walking surface, and is a great addition for aesthetic value. Many parks around the country are using wood chips as a cleaner and more pleasant alternative to sand in areas where kids might fall or trip. It also helps in gardening, since it provides a woody mulch that can improve the health of your trees, bushes, shrubs, and flowers.