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Trencher Rentals in Mooresville, North CarolinaCreating trenches and other excavating work are some of the most dangerous elements of the construction process. If you are planning on renting trenchers to complete your job, it is important that you know everything you can about trenchers and safety protocols that can prevent serious injuries from occurring. The greatest risk comes from collapsing earth and cave-ins, which can bury a person suddenly. Other dangers include toxic fumes and gases that naturally occur in the earth, falls, unstable loads, and injuries caused by the equipment.

Whether you are interested in renting walk-behind or ride-on trenchers, or even vibratory plows or a ride-on rock saw, make sure you read up on safety and talk to us at Eagle Rentals before getting started. Here are some general safety guidelines for operating trenchers:

  • Always visually inspect the equipment before you start working with it. Look at the engine, the hydraulics, the tracks, and the belts.
  • Always visually inspect the jobsite before you start working, especially after rain has occurred.
  • Know where any underground utilities are. You can check this information by calling 811.
  • Never enter the trench you have created.
  • Keep equipment, especially heavier pieces, away from the edges of the trench.
  • Never go beneath a raised load because it could fall on you.
  • Be prepared to test your trench for low oxygen levels or toxic fumes or gases.

When used correctly, trenchers can make a construction job much easier and quicker. But never operate machinery until you feel confident in how to use it safely.