Save Your Back and Rent a Niftylift

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Niftylift is a brand that offers many different styles and types of lifts. A Niftylift will help you reach higher and lift objects to tall heights. The uses for a Niftylift are endless, but some common uses that homeowners find them helpful for are:

  • Installing Christmas lights
  • Pruning trees
  • Installing rain gutters
  • Roof repairs

Save Your Back and Rent a Niftylift

There are many benefits to renting a Niftylift. If you have a project, repairs, or maintenance on something that is taller than you can safely and comfortably reach, then we recommend renting a Niftylift. Other benefits are:

  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Your rented Niftylift will be delivered and picked up when and where you designate
  • Several methods of power to choose from
    • Pneumatic
    • Mechanical
    • Hydraulic
  • Avoid injury by eliminating the need to bend and lift above your head or climb tall ladders
  • Different size options to choose from
  • Take up little space when retracted
  • Proper care and maintenance will be performed on your rented Niftylift before it is delivered to you
  • Even distribution of weight due to the flat platform
  • Turntables and tilters can be added to allow for perfect placement of goods

There are many great uses for a Niftylift. If you find yourself in need of one, then give us a call at Eagle Rentals. We have many options, sizes, and attachments available to you. If you are unsure of what you may need for your project, then give us a call or stop by. We love helping our customers get exactly what they need to complete their project.