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Masonry Equipment Rentals in Mooresville, North CarolinaThere are many types of aerial lifts out there, but if you are looking to rent a cherry picker, boom lift or work platform, Niftylift is a great choice for your aerial lift needs. They have a variety of models available, and Niftylift is known for producing units that are compact and low-weight, but also reliable and provide the performance you need to get the job done right.

Niftylift is also leading the aerial lift industry in technological advancements:

  • Hybrid units can operate in electric-only mode, allowing for zero emission operation and use indoors. Even in hybrid mode, the advanced exhaust purification system makes these units an environmentally friendly choice.
  • SiOPS (Sustained involuntary operation prevention system) keeps operators safer by preventing machine movement if the operator gets pressed up against the controls.
  • Units with ToughCage are less likely to sustain damage because the cage is impact-resistant.

Whether you are looking to rent an aerial lift for building maintenance like cleaning or painting, for picking fruit, or to film a large-scale event, Niftylift has a product that will help you get the job done right, while keeping you safe.

Safety is very important when operating a Niftylift product or any other aerial lift. Anyone who is going to operate the unit should be trained and should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The unit shouldn’t be moved while elevated unless specifically designed for this. Operators should use a body harness and always be on the lookout for overhead hazards. When you come to Eagle Rentals to rent an aerial lift, we will make sure you have all the safety information you need, and we will match your job to the best aerial lift option.

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