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Wood ChippersSpringtime is here, and you are ready to get your lawn and garden into excellent condition. Wood chippers are a great way to avoid purchasing hundreds of dollars of organic mulch. With wood chippers, you can make your own organic mulch out of tree branches, twigs or other yard debris.

DIY Mulch Instructions:

  1. Observe yard debris that you want to recycle into mulch. You can rent a small wood chipper for branches up to 3 inches in diameter. Branches larger than this require larger wood chippers. At Eagle Rentals, we rent wood chippers up to a 9 inch capacity.
  2. Once you’ve determined the size of wood chipper you need, be sure to read the safety precautions on the machine. Gather any safety equipment needed, such as goggles and gloves.
  3. Decide where you want to use the wood chipper. Gather any tree branches, twigs or tree bark into a pile. If you have trees with larger trunks, you may want to save them for a company with an industrial wood chipper or split the logs before putting them into a smaller chipper.
  4. For mulch that looks more even, be sure to strip branches of leaves and smaller pieces before sending them through the wood chipper.
  5. Begin sending your branches through the wood chipper. Be sure to follow the instructions on the wood chipper. Usually you just put the wood into the hopper and watch it come out the other side. Be sure to stay far enough away from the hopper. To keep things moving smoothly, use an old wooden handle (such as a broom handle or rake handle). Always keep your hands and metal tools away from the chipper.
  6. Once you have your mulch, you can use it immediately or let it break down a little before use. If you choose the second option, simply gather the mulch into a pile, add leaves and grass clippings, stir, and cover with a piece of black plastic to help it decompose faster. Your mulch is ready when it turns a dark color.

That is how to make your own mulch. If you decide that you want to save some money on your landscaping this year, at Eagle Rentals, we have a variety of wood chippers available for rent. Let us help you find the one that will work for your needs.