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Wood ChippersIt’s time for yard clearing, and the undergrowth has definitely made itself known. You want your yard to be an inviting place rather than Mirkwood, so what to do? It’s simple really – turn the underbrush or tree that’s sick or dead into mulch or wood chips for your garden or flowerbeds.

If you have a sizable yard or space that needs clearing, a wood chipper will speed and simplify your job immensely. It will also reduce the space required to store, transfer, or dispose of the wood chips.

A few notes about safety and wood chippers:

  • Make sure the chipper is on level ground.
  • Wear eye and ear protection when using the chipper. Tighter-fitting clothes will also help avoid clothing ‘catching’ on any of the moving parts.
  • Inspect debris and branches for stones or other objects that might damage the knives inside the chipper before placing it into the hopper.
  • Do not reach into the hopper.
  • Feed longer limbs butt-first into the hopper. Shorter limbs should be pushed into the hopper using a longer limb.

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