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CompressorsIt’s time. The roof on your home is starting to show its age, and you’ve decided to replace the asphalt shingles. You’ll obviously need several things to get the project off the ground, and if an air compressor isn’t on your list, it should be.

First, new shingles. You’ll also want to inspect the current roof for signs of curling, damage or water infiltration, especially around roof joints or chimneys.  Any issues here should be addressed before laying down new roofing material.

Second, the current layer(s) of roofing material. While many locales allow for a second layer of shingles to be put down over a first, a third layer is generally prohibited and may put too much weight on the roof of your home. In the instance of two damaged or worn layers of shingles, it’s best to remove all the shingles and start fresh with either a single or double layer of new material.

Third, the type of shingles, and area to be covered. Depending on the pitch of the roof, and total square footage, you may need to adjust the amount of roofing material you use.

Fourth, an air compressor and air-powered nail gun will drastically reduce the time spent on the roof and save your arms and hammers for more important and less repetitive work.

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