Projects You Can Do with Compact Excavators

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Here at Eagle Rentals, we want to help you make your home the best it can be, and we offer a wide range of different tools to help you do just that. Of course, often the hardest part of home improvement is deciding what changes you even want to make and how to make them, but fortunately our team can help with that process too. In this article, we’ll focus on our compact excavators and provide a list of examples of projects you can do with them.

Projects You Can Do with Compact Excavators

  • Pool Installation- One example of a project that you could do with a mini excavator is installing a pool. With an excavator to take care of all the digging, you would be able to complete the first step of the pool installation process in virtually no time.
  • Minor Demolition- Another great use of compact excavators is demolishing any small structures you may have on your property but no longer want. For instance, if you have an old shed you don’t use, you can reclaim that yard space by using one of our excavators to knock the structure down.
  • General Excavation- A third thing that compact excavators are great for is helping you access awkward or hard-to-reach areas of your property in order to dig or excavate them. If you need to dig in an inaccessible spot on your property, our compact excavators will give you the perfect means to make the area accessible and do all the necessary digging once you get there.