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Hang Christmas Lights like a Pro with Manlift RentalsHave you ever seen pictures of homes and businesses online all decked out in Christmas lights and wondered how they managed such a professional result? Most of the ones you’ve seen have likely been accomplished by professional decorating companies, but the truth is that any homeowner can get a professional look for their home’s holiday decorations. The way to easily add lighting to tall trees, second-story roof lines and more is to use a manlift. No, you don’t have to go out and spend thousands of dollars to purchase one. Manlift rentals are far more affordable than you’d think!

There are a number of styles available, so manlift rentals are the solution for any type of project around a house or business that requires getting to a higher location. Choosing a manlift will depend in part on the height required. Two options are 34’ (40’ working height) and 50’ (56’ working height) towable boom manlift rentals. There are also self-propelled boom manlift rentals, as well as those that extend even higher – up to 64’ (70’ working height).

There are a number of benefits of using manlift rentals for hanging Christmas lights. First of all, it enables reaching heights higher than typical ladders. It also is much safer than using a ladder, and it’s much quicker than going up and down a ladder dozens of times with your hands tangled in lights. It also just might make you the topic of discussion in the neighborhood! One great idea is using manlift rentals for a community project – a 7-day rental is often priced at a great discount, so everyone can take a turn and get a great looking house!

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