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Generator Rentals: Be Prepared Before a StormIt is not uncommon for people to stock up on food, water and supplies before a storm is about to hit so they can hunker down and not need to risk life and limb to get to the grocery store. Although it does not always happen, some winter storms are severe enough to cause power outages that can last many days. Having a supply of flashlights, candles and blankets will go a long way, but winter is not a great time to be without power. Owning a generator is a fantastic way to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature dishes out, but it is not always feasible to own one. Not only are they expensive, but they require quite a bit of space to store them. The solution is to make arrangements with us at Eagle Rentals in Statesville & Troutman, North Carolina to have a generator delivered before the storm hits and have enough fuel purchased to keep it running for a few days.

Generator rentals are reasonably priced and can save a family from enduring a very cold home and eating cold beans out of a can in the dark for days at a time. While not designed to handle the full electrical load of a home, they can be used to operate space heaters, lighting and small kitchen appliances.

Be fully prepared for any power outage by finding out about generator rentals in your area. Generator rentals can not only make the time without power more comfortable, but they can also save your family’s lives.


For generator rentals in Statesville NC, contact us at Eagle Rentals. Whatever projects you are undertaking, Eagle Rentals has the needed equipment available to make your job easier and more efficient. Give us a call today!