DIY Projects That May Need Construction Rental Equipment [infographic]

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At Eagle Rentals, we want to support you in your DIY projects by providing all the construction rental equipment you need at affordable prices. Rental equipment can be a big help for many kinds of projects. Here are just a few examples:

  • Landscaping- If you have a large yard or property, landscaping is a major undertaking. To complete it in a timely manner, you need the proper equipment. For example, a skid steer can help you level the ground with ease, and a stump grinder can make tree removal simpler. If all you need to do is maintain your landscape, you could rent a lawn mower, leaf blower, or gardening equipment.

DIY Projects That May Need Construction Rental Equipment

  • Driveway Repaving- Repaving a driveway likely requires some construction rental equipment. If you need concrete or masonry equipment to repave your driveway or equipment to demolish old paving materials and level the ground, we’re here to help.
  • Exterior Painting- Renting equipment to paint your home’s exterior is an excellent idea. While you could use a ladder to reach tall areas, a safer and more effective solution could be to rent an aerial lift.
  • Home Additions- If you are planning to build a sunroom or some other kind of home addition, you will probably need excavation. We have the proper equipment for you to rent, such as a backhoe, which is smaller than a regular excavator and great for using at your home.

If you need construction rental equipment, we’re confident that we can help. Contact us today for more information.