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Masonry Equipment RentalsHave you been daydreaming about having a place to picnic with friends in your own backyard?  A place that can hold a picnic table and a BBQ?  What you need is a flagstone patio.  A flagstone patio can be made with stones that are cut to the same shape and size or stones that are unique in size and shape.  There are two methods for building flagstone patios:  the dry laid method and the wet laid method.  Dry laid is simpler but will continually require adjustment.  Wet laid is harder but a great long-term option.  If you choose the wet laid method, you will be in need of some masonry equipment rentals.

Steps for a DIY flagstone patio:

  1. Outline the area where you want your flagstone patio with strings and stakes.
  2. Excavate the outlined area to a depth of 6 inches.  Be sure that the base is flat and adjusted for drainage if the patio is being built near the house.
  3. If you are choosing a wet lay patio, pour a concrete base that is 4 inches thick.  You will want to mix one part cement, two parts sand, and three parts gravel.  It will be easiest if you use your masonry equipment rentals to make this mix.  If you are choosing a dry lay patio, put in your gravel, crushed stone, sand or other granular product and tamp down, so that it’s evenly packed through the entire area.
  4. Now it’s time to lay the stone.  Whether your stones are uniform in shape and size or unique, lay them out, so that they fit together and form an alluring pattern.  You may have to cut some of the stone pieces to make them fit.  It is easy to use a chisel and hammer for this.
  5. The final step is to set the patio.  If you’ve made a wet laid flagstone patio, now is the time to pour concrete between the stones.  If you’ve opted for a dry laid, you will pour sand or your other granular material between the stones.

Be aware that while you have just finished the project, dry laid flagstone patios will require constant adjustment as the years go by due to the shifting of the granular product used.  At Eagle Rentals, we can discuss your options with you and if you choose to do a wet laid flagstone patio, we have the masonry equipment rentals you need.