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Several important home-improvement projects require more than the average ventilation. In order to get the best results in the least amount of time, here are a few projects that would benefit from increased ventilation with fans.

FansAnything involving significant fumes or dust requires extra ventilation via fans. This is in addition to the usual masks or protection you would normally wear in situations where breathing safety would be necessary.  If your project is near an inhabited space, it would make sense to provide a fan for extra ventilation and everyone’s comfort and safety. Projects needing an industrial fan might include the following:

  • Painting projects – oil-based paint takes longer to dry correctly, but large areas will need extra time and ventilation to dry quickly and properly. Fans can help whether oil-based or latex paint is being used.
  • Floor finishing projects – Type of floor and sealant may vary, but several hours are needed between coats.
  • Furniture finishing – In a small garage or shop, the intense fumes may need help to disperse.
  • Bathroom sealing – Much like the above, time and humidity are important to consider.

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