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Air ToolsAn air tool can practically reinvent how you do certain jobs and how much time it takes you. Here are just a few of the many air tools that could redefine your project and save you time and money. In addition, several air tools are simple to have on hand and allow you to take care of things at home.

  • Nailers & Staplers – These air tools work faster and easier than your standard hammer. Pre-loaded, they allow you to move across a job, whether that be putting down a new roof a new floor, or framing a major construction project.
  • Paint – Requiring much less human power than even the best rollers or brushes, an air-powered paint sprayer makes short work of even the most expansive jobs. Changes to the taping and covering are required when compared to painting by hand, but your whole house will thank you – inside and out!
  • Wrenches & Ratchets – For the mechanics among us, an air tool like a powered wrench or ratchet solves the problem of a narrow, tight, or confined space or simply wanting to approach a NASCAR-speed tire change.

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