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Does your garage look more like an equipment-filled pit than a place you store tools and equipment for easy access? It’s tempting to buy all the tools you can, especially if you’re handy and like to take on new projects, but at Eagle Rentals, we know this isn’t always the right approach. Here are a few reasons why you should rent more equipment instead of buying new for every project:

1.   Get exactly what you need—How many times have you tried to “make do” with a piece of equipment that wasn’t completely right for the job? This can lead to subpar results, extended project times, and lots and lots of frustration. Get the right equipment by renting!

7 Reasons to Rent Equipment Instead of Filling Your Garage with More Tools [infographic]

2.   Gain access to a great selection—When it comes to equipment, we have it all. Whether you need an aerial lift, welders, a pressure washer, or even a compressor, we have one of the largest inventories of rental equipment in the area.

3.   Feel confident it will work—Nothing is more frustrating than a tool that’s damaged or won’t work! We only rent out equipment that’s properly maintained, so you can rest easy knowing it will work flawlessly.

4.   Save money—It’s no secret that tools and equipment are expensive. Lighten the load on your wallet and stay within your project budget by renting your equipment!

5.   Streamline your tools—By renting equipment, you can streamline your tool selection to items you use regularly, knowing that if you ever need a unique tool, renting it from us is quick and easy.

6.   Benefit from quality—You’re not the first person who has tried to save money by buying lower-quality equipment, but you also know this doesn’t get great results. By renting, you get access to quality tools and equipment that features the latest advancements!

7.   Get expert advice—Have you ever spent half of your project with your nose buried in an instruction manual? We can give you advice about how different pieces of equipment work, so you spend more time actually getting things done.