TM34 | Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker

The TM34 is a robust and versatile trailer mount. It has retractable axles that allow it to pass through a 3ft 7in wide opening or doorway giving better access to applications.

As standard, the TM34 trailer mount comes with manual outriggers which are cost effective and simple to setup.

Operation is quick, easy and precise due to reliable fully proportional controls and its versatile battery power pack enables the TM34 trailer mount to work inside and out quietly and with zero emissions.

The TM34 trailer mount is a fast, cost effective and safe alternative to ladders and scaffolds.

For more information regarding the TM34 or any other trailer mounted, including the TM34T and TM40, please contact us.


  • Platform Height: 34ft
  • Working Outreach: 16ft 6in
  • Fully Proportional Hydraulic Controls: Simple, reliable & easy to maintain
  • Bi-Energy Available: Optimizing utilization
  • Weight Saving Design: Easily towed & maneuvered on site
Working Height 40ft 6in Working Outreach 16ft 6in
Platform Height 34ft Machine Height 6ft 3in
Machine Length 18ft 10in Machine Width 4ft 11in
Retracted Width 3ft 7in Working Width 8ft 10in
Outrigger Type Manual Min Weight 2,630lbs
Safe Working Load 500lbs Cage Size 3ft 7in x 2ft 2in
Power Options Mains Only
Battery Only
Gas or Diesel Only
Bi-Energy (Engine & Battery)


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