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Pressure WashersTake a good look at the exterior of your home.  Are there areas that appear slightly dirty?  Does it have any mildew growing on it?  To keep your home in pristine condition, the general recommendation is to clean the exterior every 2 years or as needed.  An efficient way to do this is through the use of pressure washers.  A pressure washer takes much less time than washing the exterior of your home by hand would.  How exactly do you go about using pressure washers to clean the exterior of your home?

The first step is to check the exterior of your home for any cracks, broken windows, etc., that could allow water to enter the home.  Be sure to seal these off and let them dry before using pressure washers to clean your home’s exterior.

The second step is to choose your pressure washer.  Different housing materials require different water pressure levels.  Softer materials such as wood or aluminum need less powerful pressure washers.  Stronger materials like vinyl need more powerful pressure washers in order to come clean.  If you plan on using a detergent, be sure to get a pressure washer that comes with a detergent dispenser.

The next step is to prepare the area.  Protect exterior fixtures and plants or shrubs that are near to your home.  Cover light fixtures with plastic and tape.  Wet down the plants and shrubs, so that the detergent will not stick to them and cause damage.  Move any outdoor furniture away from the home.  Turn off power to any outdoor electrical outlets.  Be sure to close all windows and doors tightly to prevent water entering.  Remember to inform your family that you are pressure washing the house, so that they can avoid inadvertently getting wet.

The final step is the cleaning process.  Scrub any mildew that you can see by hand.  Be sure to protect your eyes by wearing goggles.  Start on one side of the home.  Following the manufacturer’s instructions, attach the pressure washer to the water supply and detergent.  Using a low pressure soap tip, begin at the bottom of the home and apply the cleaning solution.  Avoid directly spraying windows.  If your home is taller, use an extension pole to reach high areas.  Allow the cleaning solution to sit for 5 minutes and then rinse with water.  When you rinse, begin at the top of the home and work your way down.  Repeat the process on all sides of the home.  Allow to dry.

So if your home is in need of an exterior cleaning, pressure washers are an excellent choice.  Our staff at Eagle Rentals will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct pressure washer for your home.