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ManliftsManlifts are an essential part of many jobs of various sizes. The sheer number of jobs that are made easier or possible because of manlifts are aided by the variety of sizes of manlifts on the market today. Most jobs, however, generally don’t require the purchase of a manlift, and renting one for the length of time you need can be a huge help to you and to the end result.

The height or location of the work you need done will have a direct effect on how you get there. For many jobs, manlifts are ideal because of their ability to move the operator into the best spot for the work, without worrying about dangerous heights, the ground or roof directly underneath your work site, or getting large and unwieldy ladders into position only to move them minutes later. Towable manlifts and their self-propelled siblings offer a wide variety of options to fit your particular need. In addition, scissor lifts and boom manlifts can put you precisely where you need to accomplish your work, letting you work faster and smarter, not harder.

At Eagle Rentals, we have over 20 years of experience helping our clients select the right tool for the job, no matter its size or complexity. With locations in Statesville and Troutman, we have manlifts able to work at heights up to 70 feet, and lifts designed to work in the vaulted spaces of modern homes. Let our expert staff and our years of experience help you today!