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Leaf BlowersAutumn brings with it many things, including cooler nights, harvests, and a variety of activities and seasonal food and drinks not enjoyed during the rest of the year. It also brings the turning of the leaves into an array of red, gold, and orange, depending on the trees and their distribution in your area. Once the leaves have fallen, however, gathering them can pose a distinct challenge to home and business owners, especially those with significant landscaping.

Leaf blowers can quickly and easily move a large number of leaves and other lawn debris out of flowerbeds and into piles where they are more easily gathered for compost or disposal. There are several different types of leaf blowers, and their size generally denotes their capacity. The smallest leaf blowers are usually battery-powered, as well as hand-held. These are great for small areas that need clearing without potentially damaging the nearby home or other object. Larger electric blowers may be battery-powered or corded, but their range is limited by their power cord. Backpack-mounted blowers are even more powerful and may be powered by electricity or gasoline. Gasoline leaf blowers are generally louder and heavier than their electric counterparts. The largest leaf blowers are walk-behind models that can quickly and efficiently move large piles of leaves.

A major factor with leaf blowers is noise. Hearing protection is essential, and eye protection is recommended when you use a leaf blower in order to prevent short and long-term potential damage to your vision and hearing.

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