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When considering lawn mowing equipment rentals, you first need to establish what your needs are for the area to be mowed. If your yard is large, you may need a riding or commercial mower. A smaller yard will obviously require a smaller machine – one that can get into tight corners.

Another option is a zero-turn mower, or a simple walk-behind model that may be sufficient to do the job. A zero-turn mower is one that is able to turn quickly in tight places without needing a wide turning radius.

A Few Things You Should Know about Lawn Mowing Equipment Rentals

If you plan to haul a small trailer to carry yard waste, consider lawn mowing equipment rentals that can haul weight.

If you decide on a walk-behind lawn mower for a small yard, be sure to choose one that is easy to operate. Also, it should have an adjustable deck that allows you to alter the height of the blade so you can decide what length you want the grass to be cut. Being able to adjust the height also helps prevent scalping, which occurs if the blade is set so low that it hits the soil beneath the lawn. The 4-point rule is: look for a mower that’s affordably priced, suitable for the job, easy to start and stop, and in good condition.

Some lawn mowers can be tricky to use at first, especially if you’re a newbie to lawn mowing. Therefore, the technicians at the equipment rental company should offer you the operator’s manual and a safety guide on request. They should also demonstrate the basics of operation and give you a few pointers.


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