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HeatersDoes your project involve needing to maintain a constant or warm temperature in order to get your best results? We have all the tools needed to help you do just that, including state-of-the-art heaters.

  • Painting – In a project or home without a central heating system, a constant temperature will help the paint dry faster and with better results.  Low temperatures can result in moisture problems that will permanently affect your final product; a heater on-site during and after the project can help avoid this.
  • Flooring – Much like painting, certain flooring jobs require certain temperatures in order to be done properly. A heater can save you time and money, in addition to helping the initial and long-term quality of your project. Adhesives for linoleum, grout for tile, and polyurethane or verathane for a wood floor will all require a certain temperature for best performance when applied.
  • Chickens – Want to raise chickens? Eggs need a very specific temperature while incubating, and a heater can help maintain that if you don’t have a hen on-hand.

Heating for a specific temperature may also require control of the local humidity. Depending on the time of year and your local conditions, a dehumidifier or other humidity control option could be necessary.

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