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Lawn MowersImagine that you’ve just found your dream home.  You love everything about it except the lawn—which is growing wildly.  Now imagine that you’ve just returned from vacation to find that your lawn care company failed to keep your lawn tidy.  It’s going to take some time to fix this one.  How to go about it in the quickest and most cost-effective way?

Tips for Taming Your Unruly Lawn:

  1. Check the height of the lawn and adjust your lawn mower’s settings as needed.  Check for any debris that could potentially harm your lawn mower and move it out of the way.  To avoid surprises, check for any variations in the ground, such as dips or hills.
  2. Decide which lawn mowers you want to use.  Do you want to rent one or use one that you own?
  3. If your lawn is very overgrown, begin by removing the top third of the grass.  Cutting it too short will remove all of the green, photosynthesis-producing leaf, and the lawn will die.  Gradually shortening the length of the lawn will keep it alive.
  4. Each time you mow after the first time, reduce the height of your lawn until you’ve reached the desired height.

If you need to tackle an unruly lawn, it is best to do it when the lawn is constantly growing.  So it’s best to take care of it in the spring, summer and fall (before it gets too chilly).  For the first mowing, you may want to consider renting one of our lawn mowers.  If you own a lawn mower, renting lawn mowers may at first seem like an odd solution.  However, if you have a lawn that is overgrown, you may need a lawn mower that is able to handle taller weeds.  At Eagle Rentals, we are pleased to talk to you about your situation and help you to determine the best solution for taming your lawn.

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