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GeneratorsHave you ever been in the middle of an event, and suddenly the lights go out? Has the power gone out, and you are stuck with no lighting? Most of us have had to handle situations like these and most of the time, it is pretty inconvenient. At Eagle Rentals, we can provide generators that make last minute “uh-ohs” into in-the-moment “saves.” Here are three uses of generators that make them essential items.

  1. Backup Power – If you’ve got a big event planned or if you know a major storm is coming, having a generator at the ready can make a big difference in your preparedness for anything that comes. Your backyard BBQ will have extra juice for the canopy lighting, or your home can have power if something goes awry.
  2. On the Job – If you’ve got a construction project, power tools are your go-to resource. Unfortunately, if your site doesn’t have enough electricity or your power tools are running on battery power, having one or more generators can help you recharge. That’s a time and stress-saver.
  3. Outdoor Fun – Whether you are camping in the backyard or taking your RV out for a road trip, generators are a great option to make sure you have backup power. You can provide that extra “nightlight” or hook up when you’re off the grid so electricity is easily available when you need it.

 At Eagle Rentals, we carry a variety of generators that are perfect for many uses at home or on the job site. Give us a call or stop in to inquire about renting a generator so you can be worry-free.