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If you have a concrete project to complete at your home or business, you may be wondering whether or not you should invest in concrete equipment or pay someone else to do it. Here at Eagle Rentals, we are pleased to be able to offer you a third option, which will save you money while still allowing you to complete your concrete project like a pro. Our concrete equipment rentals get you the professional-grade equipment you need without having to spend a lot of money buying equipment you won’t often use.

Concrete equipment rentals

Concrete generally has four basic ingredients:

• Portland cement
• A fine aggregate like sand
• A rough aggregate like rocks or gravel
• Water

These four ingredients have to come together just right to produce strong, durable, long-lasting concrete. One of the most important parts of our concrete equipment rentals is the concrete mixer, which you will want to position as close to your project as possible. We will talk through your exact project plan, so we can get you the concrete mixer that best suits your needs, timeline and budget.

Other equipment that may be included in our concrete equipment rentals is heavy duty wheelbarrows, stakes, levels, trowels, line levels, tiling spades, clamps, pails, concrete rakes, beveled clapboards, floats and brushes or brooms for a clean finish. Our concrete equipment rentals can include any items that can be reused when you job is over. It will not include other important elements you will need, like reinforcing mesh or lumber to create your forms. Contact us to discuss your exact needs for concrete equipment today.