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Construction Rental Equipment: Why Borrowing Beats BuyingJust about everyone who works in construction – from small DIY projects to high-rise buildings – will need to use construction rental equipment at some point. In this article, we’re not going to try to cover the huge range of machinery and tools available, but rather list some general points to be considered.

Buy or Rent?

A building expert says he has pondered this question long and hard, and there’s much more to it than you might think. According to him, these are the sort of things to think about . . .

Purchasing an Item

  • You must have a lot of use for it on a regular basis
  • You will have ongoing repair and maintenance costs
  • You will have substantial leasing or buying costs
  • Additional costs will include depreciation and insurance
  • You’ll need to store it somewhere safe and secure
  • You’ll need to find an accurate way of passing on the required expenses to your clients

Construction Rental Equipment

  • You pay a flat rate, either daily or longer term, only when you need the equipment.
  • You can simplify your construction estimates
  • There’s a wide range of equipment to rent, so you’ll get the safest and best item for the job
  • You don’t have money tied up in machines that are standing idle
  • Usually, construction rental equipment companies take on new technology very quickly; thus they are able to offer the best brands and latest models to users


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