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GeneratorsYou have a project that’s off the grid but needs power or illumination – or both. The simplest way to get the power you need in a pinch or in a planned “off-grid” event or project is a generator. If you don’t have one, a rental might just fit your needs.

  • Construction – In early stages of construction, there’s often no grid power available, or the electrical service has yet to be set up. In these cases, temporary generator power can help power everything you need to get the construction underway and keep your project on time.
  • Special Events – Small or large-scale events could also benefit from generator power, especially if set up in a site far from the grid or other sources of electricity. Extra power would also be available for nighttime illumination or whatever other demands you might have.

The most important thing to consider in a generator rental is how much power you’ll need and for how long. These considerations will help you choose the best machine for you and your needs.

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