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Welders 2Our project today is a simple shop stool, something that will prove very useful for future projects. You’ll need:

  • A welder.
  • Safety equipment, including welding mask and gloves.
  • Metal cut to the desired height of the stool for the legs. Make sure these lengths are precise, or your stool will wobble.
  • Frame pieces cut to 12.5 inches (8) – these will form the top and bottom frames of the stool and give it stability and structure.
  • Square piece of steel (1) for the seat of your stool


  1. Mark where various welds will be made.
  2. Cut 1 inch notches in four of the frame pieces. Two will be used for the top frame and two for the bottom. Doing this will make sure everything fits together smoothly and that there is a flush top surface. You may need to use a grinder to remove any sharp edges or burrs from these cuts.
  3. Weld the top frame pieces together, putting the actual weld on the bottom side. Make the frame as square as possible.
  4. Repeat step 3, with the bottom frame pieces.
  5. Use the welder to attach the legs to the outside of the top and bottom frames, placed for best stability.
  6. Attach the seat to the frame. You can use the welder to weld the seat directly to the frame, or you can drill a hole through the middle of each top frame piece and holes in the seat to match to bolt the seat on.

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