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Tile SawsTile saws make it easier to cut and lay tile in the shapes and sizes you like. Tile is one of the most popular flooring options for kitchens, bathrooms, and entry areas of homes around the United States, and it can really increase the value of your property. You can also choose from hundreds of thousands of tile options, such as those made of ceramic or natural stone, in various colors and patterns. If you are planning to lay tile in your home, you will need a tile saw in order to cut the tiles and help them to lie flat and flush against the floor.

When you use a tile saw, make sure you are working on a flat and steady surface. If the tile is on an uneven surface, it may alter the shape or style, causing that piece to become unusable. We recommend using the tile saw on the floor, since that is the most secure place where it can’t slip off or fall onto the ground. You can also injure yourself if you use a tile saw on an unsteady table that causes your hand to slip out of place.

Before you start, make sure the tile cutter has plenty of water in the reservoir. The pump inside the tool should be totally submerged in water. The next step is to place the tile in front of the blade, and then feed the tile against the blade while keeping a guide in place that protects your hands. If you are trying to accommodate a light switch or outlet, you can use the tile saw to cut unique shapes to keep these necessary items exposed and accessible.